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My closet doors keep falling off the top track?

February 14th, 2011

Do you have closet doors that keep falling off the top guide track?

Are your closet doors bypass or bifold? Either way, here at Classic Home Improvement Products we have jump proof tracks for our closet doors whether you are interested in a bypass or bifold application.

Closet Doors have come a long way in how they are designed. In the olden days Closet Doors had simple tracks with small plastic wheels. The problem with these older Closet Doors is they were built with Steele Tracks and the wheels were not durable enough to out last the length of the doors you purchased. In time the Tracks of the Closet Doors have bent and twisted leaving the doors unstable. In addition to the problems with the Tracks, the Wheels themselves often start to stick or break which leaves most homeowners believing that they have heavy doors. We have all had the Closet Door that would just not work correctly!

Let’s talk about wheels and rollers – Closet Doors have evolved from the silly little rivet that holds the wheels on to the mounting bracket. Higher Quality wheels have a Ball Bearing inside of them to ensure that the wheels will always roll with ease. This will actually eliminate the feeling that the door panels are too heavy. Whether your closet is a top track wood bypass or a bottom track mirrored bypass, the Wheels and the Tracks have to work together. This means that it is very rare that wheels from one manufacturer will match up with another brands track.

When it comes to track there are a few things to keep in mind. Extruded Aluminum Track is stronger than the old Steele Tracks. There is still a few Closet Door Models around that have Steele Tracks, and they are commonly used in apartments or rental properties. The advantage to having an Aluminum Track is that it will resist bending, and that is the main reason that Closet Doors fall of their track. Another Solution to keep your doors on track would be to use a Tubular Track for top hung and Bi-Folding Closet Doors. Tubular Track is similar to what is used in Pocket Doors. The great thing about a Tubular Track is not only will it keep the doors from falling off the track, but it will also hold more weight. We highly recommend using Tubular Track for Bypass or Bi-folding Closets where Solid Wood Doors will be installed.

I am able to share this brief Closet Door lesson due to the research that has been done at Classic Home Improvement Products. We look to offer our customers the best materials, while maintaining a reasonable price. Each Closet Door that we install is built to last, and function with ease. Now that you know why your Doors are falling and you are left fighting with your Closet Doors, Classic Home Improvement Products can help you find the right doors for you.

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