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Do Not Get Burned By Home Improvement Contractors!

August 1st, 2010

How do you know if you are choosing the right company to do that next home improvement task/job at your (Retractable Screen Doors, Interior Shutters, Closet Doors, Exterior Shutters, Motorized Power Screens, Flower Boxes, Window Treatments or Drop Rolls etc) residence? Are you willing to take the risk of a contractor coming onto your property to improve your home? ARE THEY NOT LICENSED – check the business out here What if they get hurt, what if they take your deposit and run? Are you doing the research that you should before you hire a contractor onto your property? Are the products built in the U.S.A.? Is the contractor a one man operation or 20 people strong? Is the company you are hiring licensed, bonded and insured? Are they a member of the better business bureau? How credible is the company you are about to hire?

The problem with our industry is that there are a lot of bad contractors out there, they ruin it for everyone. They show up late or just don’t show up (usually after they already took your money). A lot of contractors say that they are licensed (but they really mean they have a drivers license), they also say they are insured (correct they are personally, but not as a business). The problem is if you ever have a problem with a contractor and they are not licensed and not a legal business that is set up correctly, then you will NEVER have any way of getting your problem (should one arise) legally solved/handled because the lawyers can’t even touch them.

Our theory at Classic Home Improvement Products, Inc is very simple, do the research and you will make sure that the process is smooth sailing from the very beginning. Being a family run business justifies that we go that extra mile since we all care that much more. We are licensed by the California Contractors State License Board (License # 858310), bonded and insured. Our credibility speaks for itself; we are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, the League of California Homeowners, the California Glass Association, the Building Industry Association and the American Society of Interior Designers!

Please check out our website for further information on us as a company as well as all the great products that we install such as our crystal clear view StowAway Retractable Screen Doors, Panorama Wide Format Power Screens, PanoramaLite Pull Down Retractable Screens, Centor Architectural Screens, ScreenEze, SportScreen, Interior Plantation Lexwood and Polycore Shutters, Exterior Wood Shutters, Vinyl Shutters, Fiberglass Shutters, Composite Shutters or Styrofoam Shutters, Manual Drop Rolls, Bi-Fold or Bi-Pass Closet Doors, Blinds, Shades, Interior Doors, Awnings and Flower Boxes etc. or Toll Free 866 217 9749

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